Bespoke Design, Custom Dyeing and Manufacturing Expertise

Made to order, your design, your colour

Quality Commercial Carpet

At Adam Carpets, we have a wealth of experience in serving the contract sector. Our expertise in design, custom dyeing and manufacturing allows us to quickly meet the demanding criteria so often required by this sector of the market.

  • Bespoke service for a minimum of 150m2
  • Dye to any colour reference
  • Quick 3/4 week turnaround
  • Extensive archive of graphics and overtuft designs.
  • Full design and sampling facility.
  • Wool Rich Carpet Tiles

All Carpets Are Designed and Manufactured by Adam Carpets in Kidderminster

  • Block Paving. Beige/Chocolate
  • Aztec. Aqua/Grey
  • Sylvan Trellis. Lime
  • Fletcher Stripe. Red/Grey
  • Zipper. Shades of Green on Grey
  • Waves. Beige/Ocean
  • Whirlpool/Bands. Sand/Chocolate
  • Nexus/Bands. Marine/Stone
  • Gardenia/Bands. Sand/Rust
  • Intu 4. French Navy/Grey
  • Groovy. Blue
  • Ribbon. Earth 2
  • Serpentine R/Bands. Burgundy/Beige
  • Broken Ladder/Bands. Neutral/Crimson
  • Web/Bands. Nickel/Teal
  • Dunes/Broken Stripe. Sand & Caramel
  • Gridlines/Adina. Taupe/Chocolate
  • Crosshatch/Stripe. Suede & Navy
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